Anyone home from Brave?

Does anyone from Brave read these comments or is this just a waste of time?? Can anyone from Brave fix any of the problems that people are having, or is it just other peoples opinions that are voiced? I lost my wallet with a bunch of ETH in it and when I put in my seed words I got a new empty wallet. Can anyone from Brave fix this??? If it can’t be done here, how do I go about contacting a technician from Brave?
Problem solved…thanks everyone!!!

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Are you new here? There are some brave support technicians here, but the team is very small, so it’ll take quite long sometimes to get responses from them.

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I guess what I’m asking is, “do the Brave support technicians see and read these pages and eventually answer or fix the problems arising on their site?” Thanks.

Have you tried the seed in another wallet, like metamask, also are you sure it’s a different address it’s creating, pop the public key it creates in etherscan an confirm it’s empty

I can’t use the seed in MetaMask as it only requires 12 seed words and Brave uses 24. It is a totally different address and it has 0 ETH in it. I checked etherscan and it looks like this was a second address in this wallet because it was used 104 days ago to buy ETH and then transferred that ETH to my missing account 103 days ago. So my first account (I still have the address, so I know that was the account) with the ETH in it is what’s missing, completely disappeared when I rebooted the system. I rebooted because it would not upgrade my funds and let me use the wallet.

I believe if you add more accounts after your initial seed was generated you need to regenerate a new seed to reflect the additional account(s) or export the private keys for each address, maybe you could try system restore before this happened, or check if windows has any saved previous folders for brave, best of luck

also its a long shot and im sure you checked this already, but have you clicked on this circle icon to see if the new account is there somewhere

if none of this works and the amount was sufficient I suggest you pull that hard drive immediately and find someone who can do data recovery, if you continue to use your hardrive you will make this process more difficult or even impossible

Yes I have tried all that but the hard drive recovery. If that would work, I’ll try that. Thank you for the advice.

They do, yes. You can even personally message them.

Got it fixed, thank you for the advice!!

Got it fixed…thank you all!!!


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