NOTICE: Brave will NEVER ask for your private Wallet data/keys

This is a reminder from us here at Brave to never give out your Wallet recovery phrase and/or password. Official Brave team members will never ask you for this information for any reason โ€” if someone on Community (or anywhere, really) has contacted you asking for this information, or to visit a site and insert this information, they are likely attempting to scam you and gain access to/steal your assets.

Additionally, you can always check and see if an official Brave Team member is talking to you by checking the icon next to the avatar โ€” observe both the Brave logo that appears in it, as well as the โ€œShieldโ€ icon next to the user name:

If you receive a DM from someone and do not see both of these icons on the avatar/username of the person talking to you, it is not a Brave team member.

If anyone is contacted by someone that they believe may be attempting to scam them, or impersonate a Brave employee, please reach out to me (@Mattches) or @steeven as soon as possible.