Unautorized brave wallet transaction


So i had about 32 CAD worth of ETH in my brave wallet.
A couple days ago, i opened my wallet to check something and i noticed all my ETH was gone.
There was nothing in the activity tab but when i checked in the block explorer, i saw the transaction going to another wallet thats not mine.

I assume since the transaction went through there’s nothing that can be done ?
The most likely explanation is that my wallet got hacked ? Anybody has any clue because im kinda clueless ?
And going forward, do i just change my brave wallet password ?
Since idk what i did wrong, i dont feel like using it much from now on.

Thanks in advance !

@hexorcist the only way this would happen is if you may have shared a seed phrase with someone. There’s never anything that can be done retroactively when things are taken from a wallet, except for you to report to law enforcement and perhaps to reach out to the exchanges where your cryptocurrency was sent to.

The likelihood of your Brave Wallet (or any self custody crypto wallet) of being hacked is extremely slim. The main culprits are people sharing phrases which gives others full access or is because they link their wallets to something and make authorizations without paying attention. Brave is good at popping up warnings and making you approve transactions done through the browser.

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Thanks for the reply.

I didnt give my brave wallet infos to no one. Its definitly an unautorized transaction.
MAYBE like you said i gave something an autorization but id doubt it.
I guess we’ll never know but i dont think im gonna put stuff in my brave wallet any time soon :sweat_smile:

Any clue if i can report the transaction at least ? Because i checked the wallet where my ETH was sent over and its a REALLY active wallet with a lot of transactions every day.


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