I haven't received a reward in months

I haven’t received a reward in months.


Same here, got 6.621 BAT accrued previous months, last month I got only a pittance of a few cents, from over 6 BAT already earned, this month ZERO an no explanation in sight

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Same… A few days ago i saw “your +0.941 as coming, check now” but now this message has disappeared and i don’t receive nothing on my wallet… And i’am verified with uphold


I’ve had the same issue. and still having the same issue, last month @steeven
attached a link in my post to fill out the form. I even received an email that said i’m gonna receive the bat normally this month. but the your reward is coming message disappear again, and nothing coming.

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Hello, I have the newest Brave and is Verified.

i’m in the same situation, haven’t received BAT this month, I did not have the claim button and the balance is 0, my gemini account is verified, and the brave update has been made.

Again now the payment for this month is completed, still didn’t receive the BAT for last month and this month @steeven

I didn’t get anything again this time!

The June Rewards haven’t arrived yet again!
Brave Rewards Juni

Exact same problem here…I have used Brave for years and in the past few months I no longer receive popup ads or rewards.
It has been stuck on same amount rewards that never get sent. This is the worst problem I have ever seen with Brave browser and $BAT.
Even worse is they aren’t fixing or ackowledging how bad this error is. I can’t imagine how much daily add revenue loss is amounting from this widespread problem.
Really wish they would fix this! look how many others are replying with same issue.

yep, same here.

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Hi welcome to Community and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Could you kindly submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!

Look, I’v already opened a support case and you guy @SaltyBanana answered that it was fixed.
but this past few month the button still doesn’t appear.

NO rewards in months here, and just found out my account says ‘Brave rewards profile flagged’ - which they say they will provide no explanation for or fix…just WOW! Been using Brave with no issues daily for many years. This is crazy

I think this month’s payout will be the same. the claim button is not gonna show up.

my problem is same as you since april 2022

same problem happen with my brave reward.

always the same … I haven`t received the Rewards.

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