I haven't received my BAT rewards since October

Windows 11,

Version 1.46.134 Chromium: 108.0.5359.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My wallet is not verified

I have received two payments in the past.
One for 0.75BAT at the beginning of august and also one in September for 0.25BAT

I sometimes use a VPN but mostly don’t use it.

I have turned off the auto-contribute and enabled maximum ads per hour.

I am only receiving background adds and not pop-up ones.

Each month since the last BAT distribution that I received back in September has not paid. I has shown that BAT tokens will be claimable after so many days but i never receive any since early September

Would someone help me with this please?

Rewards info

Key info seed: Valid

Rewards payment ID: e4389e6c-d80c-4523-8259-b51062a3ee6c

Rewards profile created at: 15/07/2022, 22:38:06

Rewards country: GB

Balance info

Total balance 1 BAT

bitFlyer: 0 BAT

Rewards BAT: 1 BAT

Gemini: 0 BAT

Uphold: 0 BAT

Custodial account connection info

Rewards state: Not connected

So you did not receive a claim button right?

Same here and others. For months now. Support: Zero.

If you find a solution to resolve, please post it.

@tjdb If you’re saying prior month didn’t come, you’ll need to complete a Rewards Support Ticket

As to this month, payments haven’t even started yet. Payments always have begun processing on the 8th of each month and would often take up to 2-3 weeks to complete. Brave has been unofficially starting to process sooner than the 8th and trying to finish payments by the 15th or so of each month, but there’s never guarantees on that.

You mean the New Tab Page ads, otherwise referred to as Sponsored Images? And you’re not getting ad notifications? If that’s the case, it’s likely in your settings. We can try to work through this together later, but I know this topic is primarily on missing earnings, which there’s not much we can do about except have you fill out that official Rewards Support Ticket so Brave can investigate.

@rmobo Not once have you put in a Rewards Support Ticket have you? I feel confident because you always ignore anyone who mentions it and not once have you replied that you have submitted a ticket or provided a ticket number. In the meanwhile, everyone I know who HAS submitted a ticket has had their issues resolved.

Well, we’ll say it again, go complete a Rewards Support Ticket. If you have done it, then provide ticket number(s). Also don’t forget that tickets are responded to in your email and not here.

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