I have not seen any Ads (never)

I’ve being using Brave for about a week, in that time I have never seen and Ad (not even one).

I already followed some recommendations from here (the community) without any success.

Can someone please help?


check this one FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads? to make sure that you configured your device corrrectly

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I just verified and EVERYTHING (that applies) is like in the link you sent. And still not working :pensive: :cold_sweat:

you welcome

how much ads does your country has from that page https://brave.com/transparency/

do you use vpn?

According to that site, 5 (Dominican Republic) and I don’t have any VPN nor firewall

the only thing i can guess that you need to check different site category

for example some ads only show up if and only if you checked sites from certain category

so maybe that the issue

Same issue on Mac, am receiving them on mobile

Can you tell me what OS you’re using?

@Mattches I’m on Windows 10

Do you by chance have a gaming mouse that you’ve been using with your Windows 10 machine?

A gaming mouse?

I don’t, I have a basic wireless mouse (no gaming), but may that be the reason for not seeing ads!?

Can you please go to brave://rewards-internals and copy/paste and send me a DM your Payment ID so that I can take a look on my end?

I just send the requested info…

Thanks @Mattches

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I’ve being using Brave for about a week, in that time I have never seen and Ad (not even one).

Unfortunately, it happens. Last month (January) I got zero ads. I started to get a few ads a week ago.
Curiously, when I use a VPN, I get many more ads.

The payment ID you sent me seems to have been created today (Feb, 11 2021) – but in your initial post you stated that you’ve had/have been using Brave for a week?

Yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday, following some instructions that I found. I also created another profile, factory reset, removed all extensions, and disabled sync.

@Mattches Did you see my last reply? Any other info or idea?

Well since it says that your wallet was created yesterday, that means that your data have been reset from the original installation. This means that any Rewards data you had has also been reset. So you’re more or less starting fresh here.

I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing ads if everything you’ve claimed is true. I’ll have to ask the team for some more input.

Hi. I work on the Brave Ads team. Would you be willing to screen-share via Zoom where we can investigate the cause of this issue). If so please reach out via tmancey@brave.com and I will send a link. Thanks, Terry


Hi @tmancey

Sure thing… May I know your schedule? Up to what time (and time zone) are you available today?