I have not seen any Ads (never)

I am in the same situation as the other posters on this thread. I’ve followed all the instructions given above, but I am still seeing no ads. In fact this has been the same situation for about 1 year now.

I am in the UK, my OS is Windows 10 Pro and I do not use a gaming mouse.

I would be very grateful for any assistance.

Hi. If you could email tmancey@brave.com with times you are available. And I will send an invite for those times. I am based in the United Kingdom. Thanks

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If you would like to reach out to me at tmancey@brave.com and are willing to screen-share I can help diagnose the issue. Thanks


I’ve been having an issue as well with receiving ads on my mac on brave and I’ve been using it for months now

Please see above as the more users who are willing to screen-share the quicker we can understand why this is happening. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I finished just before your email last night. However, rest assured I will respond to your email right now. I am based in the United Kingdom, but work different hours each day as our team is based globally. Thanks

Thanks. I’m UK based too and willing to screen-share. I’m around today and a lot of tomorrow. I emailed you earlier.

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Hi Please reach out to me via tmancey@brave.com and I will send a meeting invite shortly. Thanks

@Chancie thank you for taking the time to screen share and it is great you are once again seeing Brave ad notifications.

The issue that @Chancie was experiencing was that Focus Assist was enabled on Windows 10. This feature must be disabled as otherwise ads are not shown. cc @Mattches


Thank you @tmancey . Following our session, the command prompt box now keeps popping up everytime Brave browser is open; and if I close it, the browser closes with it, which obviously isn’t cool. How do I get rid of that now? Many thanks.

Hi, I have reached out via email. Apologies for this. Thanks, Terry

Hi @tmancey

The zoom meeting, isn’t it now?

Thank you for taking the time to jump on a Zoom call with me. As discussed notifications must be enabled in Windows for Brave to show ad notifications. Unfortunately in your region at this time we only have sponsored images on new tabs, but do keep checking back as we add more inventory for different locations. cc @Mattches