Suddenly not getting any Brave Ads today. Brave Ads server problem?

Suddenly not getting any Brave Ads. Weird. Everything is working well for me these past months except for the part that I didn’t get the payout for viewing ads last February. I get Brave Ads normally yesterday then today, even after some hours, not getting any.

Anyone experiencing the same? Is there a problem with Brave Ads server today?


@Asad @Mattches Seems like I’m not getting any Brave Ads after browser update. Either that or is there a Brave Ads server problem?

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Which Brave channels do you have installed/are you referring to? Which ones updated?

@Mattches Version 1.5.112 Chromium: 80.0.3987.132

Did a few tinkering. Seems like I don’t get ads while using VPN if the location/region is US based and when I tried choosing other locations, I get ads normally. I tried it with my other computers that have Brave Browser and they all behave the same way. Every time US region is chosen no ads, but on other locations, Brave Ad behavior is normal.

I’m not sure if there’s a problem with US based Brave Ads or the VPN is the problem itself.

We strongly advise against using VPN services in conjunction with ads, as they will produce unpredictable results, as well as alter the way the ML algorithm learns what to show you. I will look into this either way but it’s worth mentioning


I got the same problem, without VPN on laptop. I live in the Netherlands. I’m new to Brave, downloaded it 2 days ago.

I’m new to Brave (Installed yesterday, set up all the appropriate wallets, settings etc. I haven’t received any Brave ads either.) Been using the browser for many hours at this point.

Was really excited to use this browser for the rewards and safety of it. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you :smiley:

I’m in USA, Windows 10, no VPN.

I would also like to know if there’s an issue with the ad service I’ve had the browser installed all day with all the correct settings followed the trouble shooting guide already and not one ad.

I think the problem is solved, I just saw an ad.

Still nothing for me yet.

Yeah, it was just one, I don’t get more ads.

Everyone here see if are available ads in your country here: and then read here: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

But before check if have the Brave notifications on windows are “on” (first of all for them who haven’t received never ads).

Still nothing for me, Another full day using Brave.

United States, Windows notifications on, opted in.

I’d love to recommend this browser, this is a key feature for me.

I’ve also experienced my sites like twitter/Twitch not saying it’s verified even though I’ve logged in on the creator dashboard.

Wanted to make an update, I must have posted this day 1 or 2 of using the program. I’ve been using Brave for months now and get brave reward ads that pop up pretty consistently. I will say I notice more in the the beginning of the month than near the end, though I’m sure there is some financial reasoning with this. I love Brave and wish it the very best!

i received ads last 2 months ago but from feb. NOTHING until now im on desktop and NOTHING

Im not getting ads on my desktop either, without using vpn. Im in canada and theres 30 active campaigns… since the last update ive been getting nothing

Hello @Wowotabernak. Check if Brave notifications on windows are “on”. Go to Settings, then System then Notifications and actions.

Oh they are on dont worry; set to 5 per hour. Ever since my wallet disconnected and i had to reconnect it brave hasnt shown me a single add on my desktop. Yet im getting a bunch on mobile


  1. Note that it’s note 5 ads per hour, it’s a maximum of 5 per hour – meaning it can be as high as 5, or as low as 0. It’s an important distinction to make.
  2. Can you try going to this website, forcing a push notification through the browser and seeing if you see Ads begin to appear?
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I know its up to 5, i rarely actually see the notifs for ads but at least when you look at the ad revenue it shows how many ads played instead of just 0 like it does now. Ill try the link when i get home from work

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Ya im not getting the notifications at all, i can even show ou screen shots of the ads setting being on