I stopped obtaining Brave ads - screens

Hi, recently I observe much less Brave rewards - maybe even 0 in last few days.
I think it may happened after deleting history of browser but im not sure.

Is it as it should on that screens? I created Uphold earlier and so far ads where going there. They are in Polish but probably You understand what is written there.

The exact same thing happens to me, maybe 3 weeks ago. And he doesn’t drop me for BAT in all that time. I think this happened to me after adding dark mode but in the form of an extension, not from settings. If someone answers him, he would also be helping me. Thanks a lot.

If there are campaigns in your country the ads will come and for 1 or 2 months the catalogue gets updated so some days you cannot get ads.
If this continues for more Han 10 to 15 days then reinstall the brave
After reinstall you can get ads

same issue. got only 2 ads for the whole of november

Hi @Maciej_Ficek,
Crypto wallets (brave://wallet/) are different to the wallet in Brave Rewards (brave://rewards/).
Also, please see our FAQ for information on why you may not be seeing ads:

Can I use VPN to ‘change’ the country from country without Brave ads campaing to country with Brave ads campaign to obtain ads and earn BAT?

Brave discourages using VPNs for the purpose of downloading ad catalogs from other countries. Doing so may increase the chances of being flagged as suspect, and result in issues with claiming tokens on the payment date.

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