NO ads after three days of use Brave browser


I start using Brave browser for one week ,afrer three days , ads stop comming and and dont reciving bats, I didnt use anything ,just install app ,live at there ,set 10 ads per hours and install VPN, before Installation VPN ads are stoped , I searched for solution and at the and I install VPN to…
I clear History, turn on and off ads … I dont know what to do…
IS THIS A SCAM or what?
what should I need to do to be able to get ads?
I install twice browser again, …dont know idea what to do , I need help?
is anyone sucssesfully solved this problem and how? what I need to do ? I all day browsing and NOTHING!!
pleasse HELP!

Please read our documentation on how ads work and what to expect from them:

Additionally, I would recommend in stalling and running the browser without a VPN connection and confirm that without the VPN you are able to view ads. VPN connections can change the results, frequency, and type of ads you see, depending on how it is set up.

what to do with the region , to set on mine Serbia? or use USA lke on VPN?
Serbia is on a list so I should get ads from my region

…also with this VPN I get 5 bat sometimes ,every 30 minutes without ads , but when I get ads I get 10 bat… but ads get 1 in a day…


I haven’t received any Brave ads since June 10.

I’ve attempted to troubleshoot using the solutions posted in the forum “Why don’t I see any Brave ads after enabling them?”

The only solution that I’m unable to know is whether or not my account has been flagged/marked as fraudulent. I’ve tried every other solution (reinstalling, turning ads off/on, etc).

I don’t believe I’m doing anything to be marked as fraudulent so I’m hoping to resolve this issue and start taking part in the brave rewards system once again after months of not receiving ads.

Ads frequency is expected to fluctuate. Ideally, you should keep your region to whatever region you’re in so the system can work as intended.

update BRaves, using VPN or 4G, enable notifications on PC

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