I have a verified wallet on uphold, but my tokens are not showing

Exactly as the title says. How do I withdraw?
Thank you!

@IndiaJonathan Can you answer the questions below:

  1. BAT accumulated in your brave wallet (anon wallet) is earned from UGP/Ads grants?
  2. BAT accumulated in your brave wallet is user funded? or tip amount ?
  3. Did you complete the KYC process for uphold?

Would you mind sharing the screenshot?. Once you verified the wallet on uphold you need to navigate uphold though brave://rewards settings page inorder to see balace (brave wallet balance) reflected in uphold.

If your uphold wallet is verified, you should see wallet verified button in the brave://rewards settings page as well as in brave rewards panel. If you click on wallet verified you should be able to see Go to my uphold account click on this option will open uphold dashboad setting page and you should be able to see wallet balance is uphold user wallet.


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hello I did all your steps and its still not showing in my uphold account

also im not able to pu my mobile BAT into my uphold wallet
thank you

I’m having the same issue with rewards not showing up on a verified Uphold account even after following these steps. I also can’t verify mobile account. It just says your wallet but doesn’t give option to verify.

This is likely due to the fact that tokens earned before verifying are not added to Uphold (yet, devs are working on this):


thank you
how do I know if my wallet on my mobile is verify

You actually can’t verify mobile wallets at this time – this is planned for a future release.

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so how im I supposed to withdraw my BAT on my phone brave

As I said previously, that particular feature is planned for future releases. At this time, there’s no way for you to withdraw the BAT you’ve accrued on mobile.

I have verified my Uphold Account, but in my BAT in my browser still says I need to verify. When I click on it, all it does is open my Uphold, but I am not given an option to transfer BAT. Please tell me that my browser, and my uphold don’t need to use the same email address. It would defeat the purpose of having an email for crypto only.

@Sarys Looks like your uphold account is still not verified. Are you seeing Wallet verified text in brave://rewards settings page or brave rewards panel? ( as shown in below img)

If you have not completed KYC process and verify your wallet, the brave BAT amount will not be trasferred to uphold.


Exactly. This is why I ask. I have a verified Uphold account, but when I click Verify Wallet in my Rewards page, all it does is open my Uphold… Is there some reason why it doesn’t see that my Uphold is verified? This gray pic is from Uphold, shows I am verified. The 2nd pic id from brave publisher page. Also I have disconnected Uphold from my creator account, and reconnected. Brave still says wallet not verifired. image image

I have the same problem

Yeah I’ve spoken with Uphold and they said my Uphold is verified. Clearly it’s Brave with the issue, and clearly this will not get resolved. I read a lot of these support posts, and you’re lucky to hear back from them in which results in actual resolution. Another issue I’ve been reporting since the beginning of the year has been ignored, and I am sure this one will also.

The image you shared is indeed your verified uphold wallet. However, you’ve likely not yet connected your browser wallet to Uphold. Complete this process and the Verified wallet icon should appear green in your Rewards panel:
As shown in @gsarvadnya’s image.

You says that but how do you link them together? I have followed the instructions I’ve found which is to just click the verify button, and it should bring up another verify button that will take you to an Uphold page. Problem is, I get no verify button other than the one on the top right. When I click that button it only opens my existing Uphold page. So there is no way for me to link them if that verify button doesn’t come up. So how about in stead of saying for me to link them, how about you actually give some instruction to do so.

Here you go:

There’s a video tutorial there with very simple instructions as well if the process is too complex.

This is exactly what I’ve done several times. Problem is Step 4. Follow the instructions to link your Uphold account. All it does is open my Uphold account. There is no actual button to verify or link Uphold. The Verify Wallet only opens my Uphold account page. I’m not an idiot, I know how to press a button and create an account. It’s the Verify Wallet button that is not acknowledging my Uphold account when it opens that page.

Do you see Verified wallet appear in your Rewards panel or not?