My brave wallet has no link to uphold or no uphold wallet appeared. How can I withdraw my earnings from mobile phone. Please help

Which Brave version that you have? Model type?

Version 1.22.69. I did some troubleshooting yesterday and the uphold wallet appeared the only problem is the balance from mobile is not reflecting in uphold. Then this morning the uphold wallet link was gone again.

  1. Unless you get 25bat in your mobile browser, you can’t verify browser with uphold.

  2. There is no way to withdraw your bat other than uphold.

  3. On are before 10th of every month, BAT you earned in previous month will be credited to your uphold wallet (if verified successfully)

I have 28 bat. My uphold wallet was verified. I have already withdraw my earnings feom my laptop but with the mobile version it was a peoblem The uphold wallet appeared yesterday and I succesdully signed in. Then this morning(pacific time) it magically disappear again when the rewards was reset.

Hi @Topherman, you can try this:

I know of a few users it has helped now.

If it doesn’t, have a read through a similar post with some more troubleshoots you may not have tried yet, too.

Would you try these steps once?

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The uphold wallet appeared. Thank you but the only problem is my BAT balance does’t go through the wallet.

I have read the other thread but still…

I think Support is needed to assist you further now, @Topherman . @steeven is handling these types of issues, I believe, but I’d wait to DM him til he requests it as your DM could get overlooked.

One last thing to rule out, does your mobile pass a Satey net check?

Yes it was. Thank you dor your assistance. Will wait for proper fix to the problem.

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Please help another problem arise. The bat was read or credited to uphold from my mobile but rhe problem is my previous balance of 28 bat just disappear. Where did it it go?

Hi @Topherman, payout is processing so the values are not wholly reliable till the process is complete.
Please read and follow Support’s post on the status here:

Ok thanks will wait a little bit later. Just for info I dont have a “Creators” account

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I’m sorry about that, @Topherman, I linked the wrong payout process and didn’t catch it.

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