Brave Rewards wallet connected to Uphold but funds not showing

Hi there,

I just verified my Brave rewards wallet on Uphold but my balance of 243,796 BAT obtained via ad rewards is not showing on the Uphold wallet. And when I click on Withdraw within the Brave Rewards page, I’m just redirected to Uphold with nothing else happeing
I had a look on similar threads but could find no solution

Can anyone help please?


Where are those 243+BAT? In uphold? Or local?

If there are local they should be credited between 5th and 8th of every month, this is automatic. (If you recently sync uphold the most probable is that this will be process until next month)

As for the withdraw button i think you are interacting, it doesn’t work like you think. In this case you are interacting with a widget for uphold, it redirects to their site becase it’s ment to be use to withdraw founds that are already credited and available in your uphold account.

Oh I see. Thanks very much for replying :smile:

Having a lots of issues right now, even when I login to my creators account it doesn’t show me my invite link, neither show the people I invited - everything blank.
Do such things keep happening on brave ? :man_shrugging:t2::confounded:

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