I can't confirm a transaction (appear 0 as gas fee but I have funds)


I tried to swap rBTC to Lightning on https://lnsov.vercel.app/, but on Brave Wallet I can’t confirm the transaction. Appear 0 as gas fee, but I have a lot of funds.

Brave Wallet should calculate and add automatically the total gas needed for the transaction.
The chain I’m using is RSK.


Can you please attach a screenshot of the screen after clicking on the “Editar” button in the panel?


I’m having the same issue with all chains other than ETH. I can’t confirm any transactions outside of ETH L1.

Is your issue related to transactions failing on custom EVM networks? The issue in this discussion is about gas-limit estimation being zero (see screenshot shared by OP).

Maybe you’re facing issues as seen in this discussion? If so, a fix for it will be available in the release channel soon.

That hot fix was just released (1.32.113). If you could please update to that and try again we would love to hear if it’s working for you now or not.

Not working for me. The gas limit still 0, so the confirm button is inactive. It’s necessary to edit gas limit manually.

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