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Using on mobile and to my knowledge the latest updated brave app according to google play.

I have a ETH transaction “submitted” that has been pending for almost 24hrs. When doing the transaction the gas fee was too high for me so i adjusted it. I fear that i made it too low and now this is stuck in limbo. Is there any way to fix this as it appears to be effecting any other transactions i make.

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When clicking on the transaction ID it takes me to ethscan and they cant find the transaction records

So, as I understood you said that it’s gone?
It’s not worth the 3 weeks running for 26 $
Thank you

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The money is still in my wallet but it seems i cant do anythibg with it since this transaction has been submitted

@hub @onyb coukd you assist? Thanks!


The gas price on Ethereum has been quite high and volatile lately, which explains why your transaction is still stuck in limbo. You can create a new transaction with a higher fee to evict the old one from the mempool. Once the new transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, the old one will be “replaced” and forgotten.

Just to guide you with the process, here’s how you change the fees.

  1. Click on Edit under Gas fee.

  2. Click on Set custom.

  3. Increase the value in the highlighted field by something like 30%. In this particular example, I’d increase it to 150. This would be different when you try on your end. I wouldn’t worry about the high fees too much, because any extra fee will be refunded back to you.

Let me know if it solves your issue.

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So i just resend the same amount to the same address with a higher fee and it will wipe the old one? Do i have to change anything else other than the gas price?
Thank you

Yes, that’s right. No other change necessary other than the gas price.

I tried resending it and i just get an error 2003 message; “API rejected the deposit: error processing the transaction”

You may want to clear your nonce and try again with higher fees. Maybe also slightly bump the “max priority fee” too. Here’s the setting on iOS (sorry I’m afk).

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