Nothing happens when I send

Issue: I go to my account. Select “send” Input the amount I want sent, add wallet address, and hit send. Nothing Happens. Send function resets; no wallet, no amount selected.

I even have a transaction that’s been submitted but hasn’t been processed for over 5 days.

Expected Results: I would expected to see Immediate “transaction Pending” Followed by “transaction submitted” followed by “transaction confirmed”

I’ve update to the latest version of Brave.

Additional Information: I have submitted 1 transaction that worked but took 4 days to process.

@Bohdizafa Did you make sure to calculate and enter gas fees? Do you have a tx for your transactions? Keep in mind if you go low gas fees, it may not send. You may be entering too low of a quantity.

Also, I’m moving your topic. You have it in Desktop Support but this looks to be a Brave Wallet issue, so I’m putting it there instead.

Tried it so that I have plenty to cover any gas fees. There is no tx because it won’t even post. For the transaction that I’ve submitted but hasn’t posted, I have the transaction hash.

@Aman_M @DouglasHDaniel @hub I really need a crash course on some of this stuff one day, so perhaps I can be of better assistance. But tagging the three of you hoping that maybe you might be able to better offer assistance when available.

Are you using brave beta or brave stable? I might be wrong here, but it looks like the previous transaction is stuck in mempool.

Also, do you have enough gas to send? Re-check it again.

Get 1$ Sol/bnb and move it around inside brave wallet.

Yeah, one day I will. Money been tight though. I’m on SSDI, living off of $1100/mo. It’s kind of difficult paying rent, utilities, groceries, etc off of that. I could yank out some BAT, but been wanting to hodl on that in hopes value will get up over $1 again. lol

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Can’t see where it says brave beta or stable. i see no ref to a beta, so assuming its stable. Operating Brave v1.46.134

I see the stuck transaction. Why is that? Can I not submitted another transaction because the last one is stuck in the meme pool.

As long as I can pay gas in $FIL, I have plenty.

How do I clear the last transaction or get it confirmed?

@Bohdizafa while waiting for the others to respond, I did just discover this and wanted to refer you. I have a feeling some of the suggestions there might help.

It says I’m running “official build” (arm64)

I read the post you linked. Not quite what’s happening to me. In the thread you shared it looks like the transaction failed and then prompted “retry transaction”. I don’t get that. I hit send and then nothing happens, the send page just resets like nothing occurred.

After I hit send, the message comes up “amount must be greater than zero” but I believe that is because the Send function resets and my mouse is over the send button.

Official brave team or other users might be able to help (in few hours)

Both of us are unable to help you.

I understand that, but some of the things they mentioned. Such as trying to clear Nonce.

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And other thing, even if different, wouldn’t necessarily hurt to try, which was part about evicting from mempool:

Sometimes as I see things, it’s like, “doesn’t appear it breaks anything. It might solve things. Worst case scenario is wasted a bit of time trying. Best case is it clears things. Why not?”

But yeah, hopefully one that I tagged or @onyb will see by the end of day tomorrow and be able to identify the issue and get it resolved. Part of me just was trying to search and find that “one little trick” that might help you before then.

With that said, I’ll stop responding since I likely have nothing else to offer. At least wanted to attempt a bit of effort and hope to get you settled ASAP.

Cleared Nonce. Submitted transaction is now wiped off history, but not sure if its still stuck in Memepool. tried resubmitting but still didn’t work. Same issue.

Can’t see where within the UI you can edit gas fees. There is no clear way to “setup your transaction or edit gas.

@Bohdizafa Which crypto and network are you using? Are you trying to send from the Brave Wallet extension panel or through Brave Walle in a tab?

Yes, entries reset when you click send and then you get a prompt from the extension panel to Confirm. If you are not getting the confirmation prompt, can you explicitly try to open Brave Wallet extension and see if you get the prompt there.

On the confirmation prompt, you will see the Edit button next to Gas fee, thereafter choose Set Custom option. Try to set more than 10% of the gas fee suggested and see if that works.

Brave Wallet in a tab using the Brave browser. Note: I’ve searched everywhere for the extension panel and can’t find anything.

I’m willing to try to extension panel if I could locate it.

trying to use Filecoin

If the extension pane is when you click wallet from the Brave home page, that doesn’t work either and there has NEVER been a prompt that appears after I hit “SEND” at any point.

Yeah, this is Brave Wallet extension icon image. Does it not open for you? Sometimes it takes a while. And this is where you get the confirm transaction prompt from.

yes, I see the icon and can click it. I still never see the prompt to confirm transaction.