No transaction is been proceeding in wallet

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Description of the issue:
Whenever i do a transaction to bridge ethereum or send to any other wallet address, each time transaction shows error and does not proceed.
Is the issue occurring on a specific network?

What operating system are you using? Android

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Additional Information:
Basically my funds are stuck help me

@Rahul2878 Do you have enough ETH to cover gas fees? If that’s your full ETH balance, then you’re leaving nothing for your gas fees.

Also, I can’t remember, but does clicking/tapping on Error show you any details?

I have eth on optimism chain. Do i need eth on erc20 for gas to bridge the eth on optimism

Yes, (I think) you’ll need ETH on Ethereum, assuming you’re trying to bridge between Optimism and Ethereum. That said, let me tag in @Aman_M if he might be available to see if perhaps he can confirm.

I know people at Brave likely won’t be around until after the weekend.

@Rahul2878 Like Soiray said, ETH would be used to pay for gas on Optimism, which you seem to have enough. ERC20 ETH or Wrapped ETH won’t be required.

And for simple transfer on Optimism, you can’t transfer your entire balance. Unfortunately Brave doesn’t automatically accomodate gas fee when transferring 100% balance, you will have to manually deduct some ETH for gas fee from your transfer amount.

Also, have you modified the default gas fee? To bridge to Ethereum it could easily take $5-$10 worth of ETH.

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