Problem with transactions with Brave Wallet

Hi! I’m having problems whenever I try to send my BATs from the Brave Wallet to my Uphold account. It seems like the sending buttom is kind of block and the only thing that I can do is REJECT the operation. I hope one of you can help me! I’m attaching two pictures for you to get a better idea. One of them has the pointer on the RECHAZAR buttom (spanish for REJECT) and the other has the pointer on the CONFIRMAR (spanish for CONFIRM) and the only one I can press on is the RECHAZAR (reject), I really don’t know why, because I do have that amount on my wallet I think I did everything right.

Do you have ETH in your wallet as well aside from BAT?

Actually, I don’t have any, I just have those 8 BAT. Is it a requirement to do this transaction?

Yes. All gas fees on the ETH network need to be paid for in ETH. And it will cost a lot. Probably not worth moving your 8 BAT.