BSC & Polygon Chain. Buggy. Cant pay for gas fee

hopefully this can be resolved soonest as we are unable to do anything with the funds in the wallet. Anyway BSC chain has the same issue as well.

Avax network as well. cant pay for gas eth at all,

Hello folks.

We have identified the root cause of the issue as erroneously creating and signing EIP-1559 (Type-2) transactions for Polygon, BSC, AVAX, and others, which only support legacy transactions. We are working on a fix ASAP, and will keep this thread posted with any updates.

Note that Polygon (or others) transactions initiated from the Brave wallet are not impacted by this bug.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Still do not get the solution? I have to use my funds and I can’t. This should be quickly fixed.

I am getting the same problem. I can’t do any transactions on Quickswap(Polygon chain). Keeps telling me I have insuffucuent funds, when it’s obvious that I do have them.

some L2 sites are working, Like I can “claim” farming rewards on some L2 sites. But swapping on a DEX IS NOT WORKING. This is a big problem. I cant effectively make any trades. Definitely not trying any bridges right now. please fix

Hi onyb, any updates? is there a quick solution of this? its very damaging not to be able to do any transactions…

Any updates? Timeframe perhaps, any ETA?

Unable to transfer out of Brave wallet and transactions stuck in list, also please advise how do i change the noune so do clear off the transactions as cancelling doesnt work at all.

cannot cancel transaction.

Unable to unstake in


Fix has landed on master so should probably be available in the next hotfix once its uplifted.


And when would that be?

Seriously, this is getting very frustrating. I cant approve the transactions in BSC for Bscpad resales for the 2nd time and cant send tokens out of brave wallet till now! 17-22 Nov. 5 days have past. how long are we still gona to wait?

It’s a fkin joke I feel so betrayed and losing trust.

Never using Brave wallet or the browser again, don’t care that these guys are adding Solana.

I wonder if they even did real testing how can something like this even happen when peoples funds are on the line?

thanks brave i still can’t make transactions

falla de brave

This should be working with today’s hotfix (1.32.113). Could you try updating and reply back? Thank you!

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Good evening I confirm that the update fixes the error for the BSC network.


Try on PC. I get a TON of errors and things just not even working on mobile, then I do exact same thing on PC and everything works. Brave mobile definitely having issues on the crypto side, pc, not so much.

I still have problems with signing transactions with Trezor. I don’t get a popup to authorize transactions.

There’s a few things covered in this issue but for people still having issues I just wanted to mention that there’s a new hotfix out that might solve any remaining issues (No changes to Trezor in this hotfix though). Hotfix v1.32.115

It would be best to post new issues I think from here if there are any new issues.