Brave wallet issue, unable to pay gas fees even with sufficient amount in wallet

Unable to make transaction even with sufficient amount of funds for gas fees available. Glitch/Bug?


@FuriousJan You’re not showing you have enough for gas. All you show us in your screenshot is the BTCB token. Your gas fee requires BNB. Do you have BNB in your Wallet?

Oh I see thank you. Is there a way to convert btcb to bnb for the gas fees?

Yes, though there will be a fee for it. You’ll go to brave://wallet/swap which you can get to from within your Wallet and then clicking on Swap.

New Tab - Brave 5_9_2023 08_27_29

I don’t keep any cryptocurrency in my Wallet, so I can’t detail any more than that right now. As you go to do it, it’ll explain all transaction fees and anything else required. Then you’ll have to decide if it’s worth trying to swap, if you should buy, or what? I know in the past, some said it was better getting tokens like BNB from outside of Wallet and just sending it directly. But all comes down to convenience and what you already have.

Thanks a ton, I’ll do that

so I tried that, and I cant swap to bnb without having a sufficient bnb amount, is that actually the case or am I just confused? Sorry for the dumb questions I am (obviously) very new to this.

I am sorry but is the brave wallet a custodial wallet?

@FuriousJan I apologize, I mixed up what I thought I remembered as a feature with what had been a request from someone not long ago. Like I said earlier, I don’t use Wallet so my knowledge is a bit limited. Sorry for any confusion.

I just asked directly of those at Brave and they said it does indeed need to have the BNB or whichever token is used as gas in first before you can do anything. This means you either have to buy BNB or have it sent to your Brave Wallet from another wallet or exchange.

That said, I mentioned to Luke Mulks today and hoping he’ll reach out to @hub, @onyb, and @jleonard who are with Wallet team to see if we can’t get some videos or in-browser help guides that help explain these things to people who are trying to use Wallet without the knowledge and experience. With this browser really pulling people in and being introductory level, it would be ideal for us to have things to help educate and guide Users better rather than it kind of running with the assumption we know everything or will self study online.

@hub Actually, hoping you can help me comprehend what happened here. So on the first screenshot, they were short on funds. If I’m seeing that properly, they were trying to send out of the account to a different. I’m guessing BTCB requires BNB in order to send, for gas fees. They never did show BNB in account, so assuming had none.

That screenshot is below.

But then I’m confused on the Swap. They went to swap their BTCB into BNB so they could have the gas fee. Yet when it’s done, it’s showing Insufficient BNB balance. Is this saying that they need to increase the amount swapped so it will cover it or is it saying they would have needed to have BNB in their Wallet first before they could swap anything over to BNB? Essentially, is the fee taken from the main Wallet, only the amount you’re using to swap from, or taken from the balance after the swap?

I tried looking at articles and videos like but it doesn’t really answer those questions. Does it take only from chosen amount or will it deduct from whole amount in the Wallet? If a person doesn’t have BNB but is trying to Swap something to BNB, do they have to possess BNB first or will it be able to resolve it as part of the swap? If resolves in the swap, does it take extra balance from original coin or do you need to add enough so gas fees can be taken during/after the swap?

I might be phrasing that wrong, but hope you can understand what I’m getting at. Also am hoping you’re not going to tell me the original transaction would have gone through if they just slightly reduced the amount of BTCB they were trying to send.

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