I can't get rewards since July

I using brave as my main browser on mobil since june 2019 but I only recive july reward. Since july I didnt recive and last month I delete and reinstall brave browser. Then on november finally get 20 bat reward and tip my youtube channel as before but this time its seem nowhere. I cant see it on publisher site or uphold. Can you help me or i dont use it anymore

@Husopasa , i am a little confused, the title says that you did not receive any reward from July, but then you have been rewarded on November after a reinstall? so, you got reward after July right?

I suggest you to dont uninstall Brave Browser, maybe payment can be late, but they pays retroactive if you have accumulated BATs. I did not get paid last september for example, but then they paid me at Octover all my accumulated BATs to uphold.

Just keep your Brave Wallet linked to uphold (if you use desktop, right now you cant do this to mobile), and keep your uphold linked to your Brave Publisher Account, so the payments will be made montly automatically.

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Simplly in six month I recieve just one time and they send it to my uphold account in june. Then I never recive till october. I reinstall it and recive second time in november. I tip my youtube channel then it dissapeared. I think in any case I am going to use brave browser couse I love it

Are you saying that you haven’t received a payout to your Creators account? That is, do you have a website/channel in with content in which you’ve received contributions for? Or that you haven’t received funds from watching Brave ads?

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Monthly contribution what I am talking about. In my religion ads are not avaible yet. I have a confirmed channel and tipped there before. This time its not seem in creators account or uphold account

@Husopasa Are you not getting the BATs you are donating yourself?

Can you please DM me with the email associated with your Creators account?
Additionally, how many times do you believe you should have received a payout since you singed up?

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