Trusted Brave a lot but,i lost my BAT after restarting the browser.I had 4.078 BAT and after restarting the browser they went to 2.948

This was not the first time for me so captured photos for you
I watched lots and lots of ads and now i lost hope of getting rewards and it’s like going to mars even though it was possible but now it’s not.
Please solve this issue. :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

did u turned auto contribute on?

yes, I turned the auto contribute off and it’s my first month in brave

and did u also turned of the tip?

I have the same mistake, but in my case it went down to 0.

I don’t know why I have seen in other posts it is a bug but I would really hope they solve this because I have seen more than 100 ads and the rewards are not showing up.


Yes, it was also in turned off mode

Update your browser to current version 1.23.75, this issue has been addressed in this update

it was the updated version

ive lost over 163 BAT. after syncing my wallet with uphold. and Brave is not responding.

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