I am verified in Uphold but in my creator account show me an error messagge

I am in contact to resolve an issue with Uphold support because when I loggin in my account show me an error messagge:


Uphold is reporting to us that your account connection is out of date. This could be the result of changing your Uphold password or other changes on your Uphold account. Please try disconnecting and reconnecting your Uphold account.


this is the screen shot answered me that me my uphold account is ok
Captura Uphold suport
Probably the Brave support team know what is happening

Hey @ricardodn :wave: :smiley:

Same here since last year. Uphold told me the same thing. Came over here to talk to Brave and @Saoiray helped me make sure all my region settings were correct on both Brave and Uphold. Still have the same issue. Currently talking to Uphold again. I’ll let you know if I find a fix.

This message vanishes if you reconnect your Creator account. But it reappears again after few days. It’s harmless as far as I am concerned.

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Yes this is true and I took the same view.

@ricardodn Uphold replied today to say there is nothing wrong their side. I’ve been getting this error for almost a year now but my creator payments still reach Uphold each month. Hopefully yours do too?

Hi @ricardodn @Thrive

This issue should now be resolved and no longer cause any issues in the future.
If you are seeing this error message, it is best to reconnect your custodian connection.

Do let me know if you experience this issue again in the future.


I really appreciate all your comments and the information you provide.
You all said no issues affecting my Brave creator account despite the error message.
However, when I go to my channel and pick on the triangle to send tips, I’m listed as an unverified creator.
Some time ago I had the same problem with verification and it was fixed by an assistant support , here in the Brave community.

how do I do it?

I remember you having those problems with your verified creator sites. To reconnect your custodian connection, just click disconnect, and then reconnect on your Brave Creator account.

You will need to disconnect and reconnect your custodian from your Creator dashboard.
Please note that you will appear unverified for while as our system updates to recognize your custodial connection. This can sometimes take between 2-24hrs until your sites appear as verified.

If you are still having issues with verification, we recommend that you submit a ticket to our support form. From there we can examine your issue closer.

I want to be sure, is this “disconnect” in the screenshot?
message from brave creator program

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Yes, that’s it on the right of your screenshot.

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Opps!! I couldn’t disconnect
Anotación 2023-03-30 175342
I am confused, F***
I will try later

Hi @ricardodn thanks for sharing that screenshot.

I will reach out to our team to get more information on that error message.

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Yes please!!!
I hope that you find the solutions or an explanation

Oh wow. I disconnected and reconnected today without that error. So sorry @ricardodn - hope you get a fix soon.

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Hi @SaltyBanana
I’ve left you a messagge with information of my Uphold account that you required from me

The Issue has been resolved by team Brave support!!
thanks to @SaltyBanana
There’s a problem with android system on mobile phones to see as verified
see this Topic at thread 21:


Ah yes, I noticed it doesn’t work on android. Thanks for the update, glad you got it working again, props to @SaltyBanana

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@Thrive yes, if you go to any official site of Brave you’ll notice ,with android, that sites appear as verified. I don’t understand any programation stuffs, but they are working on this, so, we have to be pacients

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I’ve been suspended in my Brave creators account!!!
I didn’t anything, just to connect my devices to Uphold account.

suspension de brave
do I need to open a new topic? or anything else?

I have to admire you for putting up with this. You’ve had hurdles every step of the way and it must be so annoying when you get suspended by Brave after seeking and receiving all of Brave Support’s help setting up the account. Hope @SaltyBanana can help.