Unable to resolve a connection issue with my Creator account

Can anyone help with this? I am waiting for 2 months for a tip of 100 BAT to arrive but something is wrong with my Creator account’s Uphold connection:

Uphold is reporting to us that your account connection is out of date. This could be the result of changing your Uphold password or other changes on your Uphold account. Please try disconnecting and reconnecting your Uphold account.

I have tried diconnecting/reconnecting several times and the message goes away temporarily but always returns the following day. I contacted Uphold support who checked my account and they said my account is fine and the problem is with Brave.

I created a support request with Brave but I always receive an automated response:

There are connection issues with your Creator account.

Please visit https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/ to disconnect and reconnect your Uphold account.

But as I said, I have already tried that several times. My ticket number is 178899 if anyone is able to look into it.

Taking a look. Thanks!

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