UPHOLD Error try to reconnect

I have problems with uphold. The brave creator panel appears as if the connection has been lost, but in uphold it appears that it is connected to brave, does anyone know if I will have problems with the payment this month?

At the moment of in continue to verify, the same message continues to appear in the creators panel

  • This problem started yesterday

  • This problem happens to another friend


Can you please send me a DM with the email you use to login to your Creator account? Thank you.

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the same problem here

Me too. I disconnec then reconnect. That error was lost. But after a few hours. That Error appear again. My uphold account still can log in

I think it is an uphold error, the problem was resolved in the afternoon of November 3, but yesterday it appeared again as a lost connection, again in the afternoon this error no longer appeared, today the same error appears again.

This issue should have been fixed yesterday – are you all still seeing this issue occur today?

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Yes, I realize it happens in the morning and in the afternoon it does not appear.


No this issue is not fixed till now, right now even it is showing same error

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I have the same problem. Will there be a problem with the bats this month?


Same problem


Please fix it. I don’t wanna miss payput this month

same error here…We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting…

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Can anyone please confirm for me whether or not this issue is still present? It should have been resolved by now.

IS FIXED FOR ME! Post must be at least 20 characters Post must be at least 20 characters

Hi @Mattches, apparently the problem is solved but I observed that it usually disconnects and reconnects, I will be on the lookout if this error appears again, thanks.

Updates… the error persists

Is seriously???

That’s rough. This is at least the second time I have seen someone get banned for attempting to fix this connection error.

Would you mind elaborating on your actions prior to the suspension, to help prevent the same happening to others?

E.g. If you logged in with different devices, how often you logged in etc.

@Jcoba625, @riseofshadows,
Please note that disconnecting/reconnecting your Uphold account in this way has no effect on your account standing. If your account is under review, it is due to something else detected in our fraud detection system.

I had read in an old publication that due to entering many times the account is blocked, now if it were a fraud it would have been detected a long time ago, I have been using brave creator since March. Is this the help of the brave support team?