Verified Android Wallet - Balance Not Going to Uphold

Description of the issue:

I’ve had my Android Brave Browser wallet verified for months now (since at least October), and I was expecting that like my Desktop browsers my balance would be automatically deposited to my card on Uphold, which has not been the case. I now have a Balance of over 52 BAT, and know way to get it out of Brave (I tried tipping myself once before I had a verified wallet, but never received those funds either :confused:).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Expected result:

Brave Rewards balance to be deposited to verified Uphold wallet

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.19.88, Chromium 88.0.4324.96

Mobile Device details

Android 11; Pixel 3 XL Build/RQ1D.210205.004

Additional Information:

Love Brave overall, would really like to get this resolved.


I wanted to know also how to withdraw or transfer the BAT from Brave on my Android phone to my verified Uphold account.

Brave browser is now crashing from all sight. I think brave browser will vanish from market soon. Brave is working like a fool. I have many issue of this browser.

1: I had more than 524 bat on my publisher account those I earned by refer programme but without any reason brave creator team has suspend all bat. I didn’t use any VPN. I followed all rules of this programme but they suspend my bat. I will share some screenshot in attach please check…

2: I had 101 bat on brave and 100 bat on my beta wallet but these are not transferring into my verified uphold account. I already connected these wallet to my uphold account and here showing “wallet verified” but no bat transferring.

3: Brave not working properly. It is not blocking ads and trackers properly. And sometimes showing “brave has stopped”

Also I have many issue of brave browser. I think Brave browser will gone out my market soon. This is harmful web.

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