Brave android version crashes after failed uphold verification

I finally hit 25 bat in my brave android browser and tried to verify my wallet. Once I was signed into uphold it said “bat was not available in my area”. It didn’t give me any other options to do. Now if I hit the validate wallet option it crashes brave wallet every time.

version is 1.22.71

Edit: Verify wallet option is gone it says “your wallet” and it says zero but if I go to settings it says the 25.25 bats.

Is there anyway to get my bat somewhere securely if my bat is not available to me in uphold but I’d like to not loose them (just checking out ads took a long time to hit 25 bats LOL)

Android brave app is still crashing when I hit the verify button.

Uphold is not valid in my area so I’m stuck with bat I can’t transfer anywhere.

Hope this gets fixed soon.

Hi again, @techman05, I’ll link your thread to the Fix thread, too.

Hopefully we won’t have much longer to wait. :crossed_fingers:

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