I activated my Uphold account and am now missing 1/2 of my BAT

After realizing I have not been getting paid for the past few months, I activated an Uphold account. Now 1/2 of my BAT is in my Uphold account and the rest is missing. Where did it go and will I get paid for the past 4 months worth of ads I watched while I did not have an Uphold account?
Thank you

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it took several days for my full amount to transfer when I first verified. Also with the xrp ruling today uphold was down for a bit due to increased traffic.

You won’t get BATs for the last 4 months. Was kinds clear on that. Only connected accounts get those.

Ok thank you, I was hoping that was the case. Brave lost some of my BAT in the past though and I had to chase them down for it. Finger’s crossed.

Dang, I figured that was the case - pretty lame they kept feeding me ads through it all. Thank you for responding.

Kinda your bad lol.
You would have seen a screen like this.

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Ya kinda my bad, and also kinda lame. They should have turned off the ads when they changed their rules - then i would have wondered why no ads and fixed it months ago.

Maybe. But then I’ve been here on the community for quite some time and lol, I kid you not. People woulda still complain that how dare brave turn the rewards off lol

They aren’t rewards if you aren’t making any BAT from seeing them - they are just ads with zero compensation.

@jjjjbbbb It’s a delicate balance. You earn if you are connected to a custodial partner. As you may know, Brave used to allow people to earn without it. However, as with many things in life, people learned of it and began to abuse the system as it existed. People began installing Brave on computers at public libraries, schools, offices, etc. They even began to use virtual machines, emulators, etc in order to essentially farm BAT. In some cases it was all just to send to themselves, but there were also others who were selling their bot services so people could harvest BAT at a price lower than their actual value. Why? Because it was money laundering and nothing was being reported.

This was hurting Brave, creators, advertisers and users. Not to mention as governments have been getting stricter with regulations, it put Brave in a rough spot. We have always had to connect accounts to a custodial partner and have gone through KYC/AML in order to withdraw BAT. So that’s nothing new. But what they did take away was any direct earnings or control for those who weren’t verified, just because of how it was being abused.

Only not compensated directly if you’re not connected to a custodial partner. That said, you are still earning. It’s just calculated on the back end and being distributed to Creators. It’s just a good way of encouraging people to keep websites ad free and to support Brave. If you don’t want to connect to a custodial account and don’t want to view those ads, you turn them off.

That’s just a difference of opinion. They did announce the changes ahead of time here, on Reddit, Twitter, Brave’s website, etc. For example, https://brave.com/rewards-changes/

Those who didn’t pay attention would have seen it when they went to check their balance. During the time you weren’t connected to Uphold, you would have seen that it wasn’t showing estimated earnings and everything. Also should have noticed you didn’t receive BAT, which would have had you coming to the site and you would have seen the notice.

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