Bat just disappeared

How do I get back my bat, they disappeared for like 4 days and now I have way less than what I originally had

What BAT? How much and where was it?

My monthly earnings. Last week it was at 5. Something than I look today it’s at 1.366. And the cash out time is Jan 7

All my contributions are turned off so they didn’t go there. And to my knowledge there is no way for me to transfer the to uphold early

This is legit my first month using brave. So I’m not going to pretend like I know everything when in all honesty i don’t know anything

@Adamwest85 Let me explain where it’s a bit challenging to understand what you’re saying.


The Balance would be what is in my custodial partner. So I have 50.274 BAT. That is what I’ve already received from Rewards and is just sitting untouched in Uphold. If that number decreases, then I need to look at my Uphold account to determine what happened. They will show what was taken and by whom.

Earnings so far on the top right is the estimated earnings. This is what it’s estimating based on the ads we have seen. This number fluctuates as the browser tries to reconcile ads you’ve viewed. Keep in mind though, it is just an estimate and not a guarantee (though good enough to usually be fairly accurate)

Which of the two are you saying has changed?

My earning so far. They were 5.123 then they went to zero and now they are back but only 1.936… I have nothing in the other balance cause it’s my first month using the browser

@Adamwest85 might have been a glitch at some point or as it’s reconciling might have realized you saw ads from outside your region or something, where you wouldn’t have earned BAT. As stated, it will constantly adjust itself. I wouldn’t pay too much attention on estimated earnings there.

Big thing is just waiting to see what it says you’re owed and what payment you receive.

Ok, it was just upsetting seeing them disappear like that. Thank you for your quick responses. I hope you had a great New Year’s and Christmas

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