BAT instantly disappeared after creating uphold account

I made an uphold account just a few minutes ago to use my BAT and as soon as the account linked, it all vanished. I had about ~$166 / ~360 BAT. If I had known that my funds would disappear then I would have taken a screenshot, but there was no warning or suggestion that this would happen. I don’t know what to say besides, I want my BAT back


I’ve found some rewards history, for some reason when switching the month it still shows February 2021 but you can see what month is really is at the bottom. The added balance in January was from when I transferred my mobile balance to desktop. In may it shows activity in the top part but not the bottom. Every month not shown didn’t have any activity
Just followed up with this to show that I had some BAT, the rest of it must not show because the wallet is quite buggy. Additionally, I don’t see a balance in uphold.

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I had this happen to me a few hours ago with a lesser amount of ~92 BAT. Feels pretty lame. I was hopeful it would just take a bit of time to get processed but all balances on Uphold and Brave rewards are still showing zeros.


Hi @MyBATIsGone and @carl2 - please DM me your wallet ID’s, OS and Brave version. Will figure out what’s happening.

Its suddenly back. I’m not sure why it was gone for a day but if you still want version information and such to help fix this bug, I’m happy to help. Trust restored in brave, even if i disagree with the required use of uphold. thank you

I exactly had the same problem. I hope the Brave Support can help me to solve it out.

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