How to remove Bing

My problem is that when i’m in Brave’s home screen it shows that google is the default searth engine but every time i search something the URL bar changes from to and even if i eliminate bing as a research engine from the settings it keeps doing it every time. I prepared a clip but i can’t post it because i’m a new user.

I hope that i explained it well.

Thanks in advance.

Did you have an extension installed that may cause this issue? See Why is Brave redirecting Google searches through Bing? - #3 by Mattches

Try disabling your extensions and turn it on one by one to see if it’s caused by an extension.

It really worked! I didn’t think that could be an estension, this helped me out because that estension was probably a malware. Thank you


Glad it solved your issue. I’m going to close this thread. Feel free to open a new one if you have any issue/question.