How to recover passwords from appdata

Description of the issue:
Hello, I recently switched from windows 7 to windows 11 and forgot to escort passwords. I have saved the User data folder from the appdata of the old version, where there were passwords, can I somehow get them for the new version of brave, simple copying does not help, brave resets the settings. Is there any way to solve this issue or can I start crying?

Yep, cry. Passwords are encrypted. The encryption is tied to your OS profile. So in that changing, you likely lost the key to your encryption. Nobody is able to bring that back for you. I’m guessing you don’t have another device that you have a sync chain with, right? Because if you do, then you can just add to sync and get your passwords back that way…

Eh, sad of course. And if I have an old folder with my windows 7 profile, remember the password from this profile, then I will not be able to use it as a “key” to decrypt the password file?

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