Reinstalled Windows, trying to get my saved passwords back

So I made a Veeam backup of my Windows 10 system & hard drive before doing a fresh install of Windows 11. It did not occur to me to maybe export my Brave data first :pensive: Luckily most things (history, extension data, bookmarks, settings, etc.) worked just fine when I copied all my Brave files from my backup, but passwords just won’t work.

According to this post, Where Does Brave Store Passwords?, they had a very similar problem but copying the Login Data file actually worked for them. Does this no longer work or am I potentially doing something wrong? I have Brave fully closed when copying files, of course.

If all else fails, would restoring my machine via Veeam put all my passwords back, so I could do the password CSV export? I’d much rather figure this out without restoring back to my Windows 10 system backup.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: Hopefully we can figure this out.

I feel like I’ve tried every available browser password recovery tool over the past several hours :frowning: My Login Data file contains all of its data, with all the sqlite tables, but the password value fields are all encrypted. Which is probably a good thing, for security, but a very bad thing, for me. Other people seem to not have this column encrypted, so I worry that even I restored my PC it might not work, since it’s the same original file

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