Updated Brave Lost Passwords - Possible Manual Recovery?

Description of the issue:
I updated brave to the latest version due to a bug where it would randomly crash on me, I had to delete the old %appdata% files to remove fully for a fresh install. When I reinstalled I noticed that all my passwords had gone, so I used a file recovery tool to recover the %appdata% files from the previous version. When I try to restore the %appdata% files in full I get an error saying that my settings couldn’t be loaded and then all passwords etc are gone.

I was wondering if anyone knew the exact file that I need to find and replace on windows 10 so that I can restore my passwords from a previous version?

Expected result:

Restore passwords from recovered files

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Windows 10

@Mattches is it possible for us to recover these passwords?

On Windows, you should replace the entire user data folder –~\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data – which should carry your data over. I’ve done this many times myself and with other users – however, there may be some issue with the fact that the data was removed and then subsequently recovered.

Did you put the AppData folder back in the exact same directory it was in originally?

Hi there, thanks for the quick reply, I did place the entire appdata folder back in the same place, however it’s not giving me the passwords back. I was wondering if you knew which file is responsible for this so I could try adding that single file manually rather than the entire folder?

Also the appdata was from a previous version of brave as there was an update inbetween, not sure if this will make a difference or not?



:point_up: That’s likely the cause of this issue – I think the Browser you’re using is looking for app data that is associated with it. Do you know what version of Brave you were using before the update? If so, I’d recommend making a copy of your User Data folder (that likely has your passwords in it), downloading that (older) version from our Github, installing it, and replace the freshly installed User data folder and see if it properly loads your settings/data.

Hi there, unfortunately I’m not sure which version I was using. However I just checked and I mustn’t have recovered the entire user data folder as it’s 20+gb in size!

I’m just freeing up some space so I can at least save a copy of this as I would imagine it will be somewhere within that 20gb (that’s brave user data only btw)

Once done I will report back with an update.


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