Location of saved passwords

Hey, my computer stopped working, so I formatted the system but still have the old disc folders of brave. Where can I access the file with passwords and move it to my current brave folder on new disc and system? Already tried to use ChromePass and XenArmor

@mms1111 They are encrypted using your OS login information. If you formatted the system, means it would be a new User and password. At which point, means would be encrypted without anyone owning the key for decryption. So to my knowledge, you’d not be able to recover it. That said, you can check out Where Does Brave Store Passwords? to see if that might help provide you some answers.

However, I don’t think it works that way anymore. As you can see based on response from Support on a different topic:

As always, security has gotten tougher. Overall, you’re kind of out of luck if you didn’t Export passwords to a file or don’t have the information synced with another device.

Maybe should I ask the support for decrypt it, is it good idea or not at all?

@mms1111 Support can’t decrypt it. It’s only able to be done using your device. They have absolutely no way to get to it.

Okay, I found way to get back to my OS, but the password file is still empty, maybe now should I try something? I mean I have the same system, but just used the “soft” format without deleting user data, maybe it will be helpful for someone.

I’ve looked for this, and my os login information remains the same, only the applications got deleted, with saving of appdata/local directory. Does it changes something?

@Mattches can you advise?

If you somehow have all your browsing/app data intact exactly the way it was then you should be able to launch the browser and view your passwords. If you can do that, then you should be able to export them as well:


You can export them this way, save them to a flash drive or somewhere else easily accessible, then reformat your PC then import them back into the browser. However if you cannot see your passwords currently in the browser or in the file in the User data folder then it’s likely something has gone wrong (or technically “right” maybe?) during the reformat.

I’ve done all of these steps already, after it did not worked I decided to write there :confused: When I was extracting data from 3rd party programs after that it showed empty password but rest of the fields was looking good but if I open the Login Data file with text editor it shows there definetly is something in password fields.

So to clarify, your OS login info did not change — user name or password — and none of your app data was deleted? If this were to be the case then everything should be the same as where you left it in the browser.

Even if Brave was uninstalled, if the User data directory was left untouched, simply reinstalling and launching the browser should open Brave exactly as it was before. But if I understand you correctly, your login data is not appearing in the browser when launched, but you do see “stuff” in the login data file when viewed via text editor, correct? If so, can you please:

  • Tell me if your other data appears in the browser (bookmarks, history, etc) when launched
  • Can you try viewing your Login Data file using a SQLite database browser? Note that you won’t be able to see the actual passwords (as they are encrypted as discussed) but you should be able to confirm whether or not this is all of your password data. I’d recommend using DB Browser for SQLite.

Done it already, and can conflirm the ONLY missing property from login data database is password field.

Meaning that you see nothing in that field? That is, the field entries are blank?

Yeah. Rest of the fields aren’t blank but this field is.


I’m seeing the file just like this, with some random password words and some empty spaces, but when I copy the login file to the new brave installation I cannot see my passwords. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

Edit: I explain my whole weird situation here: Recover passwords from data login file

Hello everyone,
If you are seeing nothing in that password field then it is likely that you may have created a new key or Brave has forgotten the old one. Can you please respond to our ongoing thread of a similar issue here and provide the information requested:

But I see something in the password field, but is encrypted I think, like pass_word and things like that. My problem is, when I put the data login file in the brave appdata folder, nothing happens. I can’t see either username or passwords, is like I didn’t save anything. Like I said in my thread I made a fresh brave install but my windows is still the same, I didn’t reinstall windows or change user/password.

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