How to dismiss "Import bookmarks now" message bar

Description of the issue:
I have the message to import bookmarks displayed below the search bar (see image) and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. There is not an option to dismiss.

If I disable both Show bookmarks and Always show bookmarks on new tab page in brave://settings/appearance it disappears but I want these options enabled.

I have tried importing bookmarks to see if it would go away and it does, but once I delete the bookmarks (really don’t want them), the option pops back up.

The “Import bookmarks…” bar is displayed on all pages I open if both enabled. I can disable the Show bookmarks and the bar disappears on all except the NTP, but I want to keep show bookmarks enabled.

Actually bookmarking a page to the Bookmarks folder does cause the message to disappear (only if place in the Bookmarks folder, placing in the Other bookmarks folder does nothing) but I don’t want to have to do this. Every time I see that extra bar and that lonely bookmarked page I get irritated. :wink:

How can I make it go away? I just can’t figure it out!

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open browser.
  2. Message displayed.

Expected result:
Able to dismiss message and not have it displayed ever again.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.39.76 Chromium: 101.0.4951.41 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
Revision 93c720db8323b3ec10d056025ab95c23a31997c9-refs/branch-heads/4951@{#904}
OS Windows 10 Version 21H1 (Build 19043.1645)

Additional Information:

i do not have brave beta or even windows but if you bookmark anything then remove it does this message disappear or not?

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It appears that this is the default display when no bookmarks are imported onto the toolbar "Import bookmarks now" message - #4 by justsomeone1

A workaround is to paste onto the toolbar than delete text and you are left with the almighty Brave icon!
Remember you can toggle at any time the bookmarks bar in the following manner CTRL+SHIFT+B


If you bookmark something to the Bookmark folder, it removes the message, but now you have a bookmark bar with a single bookmark which I would rather not have. If I delete the bookmark the message pops back up.

Dang, I did a search and didn’t see that! Thank-you for the link.

Per Mattches in that post:

There is no option to “close” the message, nor is it an issue.

I dunno, I find it an issue. :wink: I didn’t know about ctrl-shift-b though, so will start using that. It works. In fact, think I will start using that in the stable release too! So cool, learned something new and actually works better for me. :smiley:


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REF: How to dismiss “Import bookmarks now” message bar

I agree with you 100% that this is not a solution. Because the message appears by default in case where no bookmarks are imported or deleted, this message will always show up, as it is necessary to use it to import bookmarks.
In the “workaround” I was proposing, I should have mentionned that an icon on the extreme left end of the bookmarks bar -that would give a ‘feeling’ that the bar is empty- doesn’t constitute a solution. I apologise for this, and I am of course as surprised as you are that this is being proposed as THE solution.
I think that the solution to this is to find a workaround; I am thinking of and icon that is tranparent or something like that.


I think the bar should disappear altogether if you don’t have anything in the Bookmarks folder. Put the Other Bookmarks folder to the left or right of the search bar. Closing the dang bookmark bar gives me about 3 more lines I can view without scrolling and just looks cleaner! That’s why I’m loving ctrl-shift-b, didn’t realize how much that bookmark display bugged me until I could remove it… would be nice not to have to do even that by just redesigning the layout…

Edit: Sort of like this Feature Request :wink: Although I would have some minor changes. Just a note, the side panel would work for me if you had the option to move the bookmarks and folders. Right now, it is just a static display and that just doesn’t work.


The feature request Bookmark Bar shortcut I think was written before or shortly after the addition of the sidebar to Brave; The bookmarks folder is actually included in the sidebar, it is the second folder from top. One can also add individual links to it. But it would have been nice if the sidebar is on the right side!
For me the ultimate browser is the one that gives us the possibilty to toggle on/off the bookmarks and URL bars -when hovering the mouse at the top of the screen- all this while working fullscreen! A dream request for Brave!

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OK, I’m getting confused with all the similar sounding naming conventions. Gonna put the various options available and my pros/cons. Let me know if I am overlooking anything. Just like ctrl-shift-b there might be other things available out there that I am unaware of! :slightly_smiling_face:

image Side Panel icon located with other icons to the far right in same bar as search. I like this but can’t move folders/bookmarks - just a static display. Not functional as far as I’m concerned. If it worked like the “Other bookmarks” folder below, would be ideal as far as I’m concerned!

image Show Sidebar Enabled
Nice feature for anyone who always leaves it up. I don’t want to always leave up. When I select “On mouseover” option it is constantly popping in and out when I do anything on the left hand side of page. I hate that, drives me crazy, so I leave it off.

I would like the “Other bookmark” folder currently displayed on the far right of the bookmark bar moved to the same area as the Side Panel icon above OR give Side Panel bookmarks the same functionality. The bookmarks and folders are displayed vertically in the dropdown menu when you select and pop-out menus when you hover over a bookmark folder, has other convenient menu options when you right click folder, and you can move folders and bookmarks around. I like that. Works similar to Firefox but much better than Firefox, more flexible! Also, if you move this folder up with the other icons, you could get rid of the bookmark bar altogether as far as I am concerned.

Of course, if you use the Bookmark folder which currently displays horizontally on the bookmark bar, you would have to figure out something to do with that folder. I normally do not use the Bookmark folder because I don’t like horizontal bookmarks and the space limitation irritates me. My default profile is the only one that uses the Bookmark Folder and only because I spend so much time on community forums, help center, github, etc. that it just helps to have the shortcuts there. Otherwise I wouldn’t put anything in there at all!

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