Bookmark Bar shortcut

I’d like to see a feature that allows to have a Bookmark Bar shortcut. Bookmark Bar adds an extra row and make this clean browser look cluttered. On the left of the address bar there is an icon for bookmarking. It would be nice if when we hide the Bookmark Bar we could have an icon for Bookmark Bar on the right of the address bar. We click on it and the list of the Bookmark Bar bookmarks appears. We click the bookmark we want and it goes away and the page we selected opens. If we could choose between it being vertical or horizontal would be great too.

Cool Idea, I would use this constantly to show the bar, click a bookmarklet and hide the bar. And when I say constantly, I mean a million times a day.

You can. Ctrl + Shift + B if you’re on Windows/Linux or ⌘ + Option + b on Mac.

This also exists. It’s called a sidebar. Go to brave://settings/appearance and you’ll see an option that says Show Sidebar. You just set it to On Mouseover and it will stay hidden until you move your mouse to the side. Then you click Bookmarks and the specific bookmark you want. It navigates to the page, you hit the little Bookmark icon on that and it vanishes.

They are actually working on improving it and there are some side panel flags that can be enabled in brave://flags, but I don’t specifically know what they do.

They actually have vertical tabs released in current Nightly version. Constant updates and modifications will be coming. So if this aspect won’t be, it should be added down the road.

So yeah, there you go. I know I shared link to extension as you asked in your topic. Then as you brought this up, I was finally able to see it and answer a bit. Though feel bad as OP hasn’t been around lately. This was from January. Then they posted in May about another issue, neither of them had responses from anyone. Not sure how they flew under the radar.

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Thanks for this. I’m still here. My ocd is loving the Ctrl + Shift + B trick.

Not impressed with the side bar though. Feels bugged.

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Actually, it’s not exactly what I was hoping for.

The way I would design it:

Everything as it is now but I can go to Settings/Appearance and select Hide Bookmarks Bar. If I do the bookmarks bar disappears and a bookmarks bar icon appears next to the address bar.

If I click that icon the bookmarks bar appears.

If I click on a bookmark it opens the page and the bookmark bar disappears.

If I don’t click a bookmark the bookmark bar disappears as soon as I click anywhere else.

Simple operation, click BB icon, click bookmark, that’s it. No need to hide it manually.

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a disclosure triangle shortcut where I press a hotkey on the keyboard and boom my bookmarks appear, plus also the bookmarks bar having extra rows would be cool, the left side pane thing just takes way too long, got to wait, then got to click, then got to wait, by that time I’ve already pressed ctrl + shift + o and probably already found my bookmark, but then ctrl + shift + o is quite useful cause you can type and search, guess a feature where a disclosure triangle shortcut with a keyboard press then if could type to find one of bookmarks names on that too, could be quite cool