How to disable new password generator?

Hi. Is there a way to disable the password generator that says “Use strong password”? I use LastPass, and I prefer their password generator which provides password character and strength customization. Currently the Brave popup obscures the LastPass popup making it hard to use. I can hit escape to make the Brave popup go away, but it would be nice if I could disable it completely.

Note: I do not want to disable password sync just to disable this popup.


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Have the same set up and used to have the same issue. In the end I had to switch off Brave password manager though - it got too annoying and was affecting productivity as I am constantly logging in and out of various platforms each day for work.

Thanks for reaching out about this.
I too would like to disable this feature but I am not sure if there is a way to do this right now. This is a feature inherited from the Chromium code and I know that there used to be a flag to disable the functionality but I do not see one there now.

Let me do some digging and see if I can find any kind of solution here.


I’ve opened the following issue for the developers to review and assess:

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