History Sync using Nightly doesn't work

I have Brave Nightly installed on an Android phone and a Linux laptop. The setup worked well and bookmarks are getting synced properly. BUT there are strange things happening with history. When I open a website I’ve never been to (say some blog post) on one device it doesn’t get synced to the other, only if I open one that I have been on on the other device (say, google) it does get synced.
Additionally on initial sync only a small selection of the past history was synced to the phone (~5 domains).

It might be worth noting that I imported my Firefox data on the laptop, maybe that broke things?
I’ve tested it on Brave Beta too with the same issue.

Any help on this would be appreciated, I cannot use a browser without history sync.

Update: I cleaned all data and performed clean installs of Nightly on both devices and the issue persists, so it isn’t due to the import from Firefox. I also enabled “Sync everything”, in case history wasn’t enough, but that didn’t fix it either.

Update 2: Added another Linux desktop, same issue.

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