Brave not syncing history at all

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I would like to move from Firefox to Brave because FF drains battery on Android as hell. Because there is no otpion to import history, bookmarks and others on Android, I had to do it on Windows instead, with idea to then sync it to android, between Brave instances.

But it turned out that I’m not able to sync anything to android because sync does not work! It sync bookmarks but not the history. Nothing before today is getting synced. Only sites viewed today are moved between devices.

I went to sync-internals page and in the History section it is 0, sync is working properly. Tried to disbalenit there and resetup again, didn’t help.

I also tried to create new chain. It did not help either. Everything is getting synced, but not the history.

How can I import something to android if brave is not able to do such basic stuff.

Sorry, but this is ridiculous. On other browsers this is a basic functionality.

This makes brave pretty useless on android because there is technically no option to make an import.


Is there anything else I can do to make this work?

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Enable sync andnwatch that histiry is notbgetting synced between devices

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Windows, android macos

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@KuBuR one thing you never mentioned in all that you said is that you toggled History sync on. You make it sound like you only enabled sync and added a new device. If so, then it would only sync bookmarks for the most part. Each device on the sync chain has to enable other options. Did you do that?

Have you ever considered going to settings and checking what you can or can’t do? For example, you say that you can’t import bookmarks, but look at screenshot from Android below if you click the hamburger menu (three dots) in the Bookmarks area of the browser.

You would be correct in saying you can’t import passwords at this time, though you can export them. Essentially the same for History I guess.

Hi, thank you for the reply.

I haven’t mention the sync toggle because it is very obicious. But to be clear. On all the device I have checked “sync everything” option. Each device have been setup this way. When I estsablished the chain on Windows, first I have checked sync everything and then I added android device. After I did it, I have checked sync everything on the android. Still, only bookmakrs were synced.

Now, moving to the other part of your comment:
Because the bookkmarks are the only things that syncs then option with the import, which you have shown is kinda obsolete.

Nevertheless, Appologies for my incorrect statement above. It seems that bookmarks can be imported with other options than sync. Regretfully, history can’t.

I am very interested in bringing my history and passwords to Brave and this cannot be done by any means. Correct?

So in other words, I start with clean Brave browser with bookmarks only. But without any history and typed urls. I used Firefox for 15 years, as you can imagine, there is lots over there, that I would like to move to make this a working solution.
Without this Brave is useless because it does not remember even basic urls I’m using on a daily basis.

So, can we now move to the part where we discuss how to fix this?
I can’t imagine a situation that browser does not have such basic functionality.

Almost every user has something on other browsers and devices that he or she would like to populate through sync. Not having this option, or having it malfunctioning is a very serious flaw.
Hope you agree with me.
Looking at the number of topic on this forum, seems I’m not the only one with this problem and it is taking long time without a proper solution.

@Saoiray any idea on how to tackle this?

Except of my above clarifications, is there anything else I should deliver to solve this?

Thank you in advance!

Can you please take a screenshot of your brave://sync-internals page and share it with me here so I can take a look under the hood?


Sure, here is my Android sync-internals.

In few minutes I will also paste my Windows and MacOS one.


Here is my Windows sync-internals

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And here goes my MacOS one:

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Looking at your internals pages, everything does appear to be in working order. It’s additionally strange given that all other data types are Syncing, just not History, even though the status of it on your internal pages is the same as the rest.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, the behavior that is to be expected is for History to Sync after the devices are on the chain — that is, as far as I know, past history (history entries before the devices were on the chain) will not be “moved over” into other devices. It will simply sync history data moving forward once they are synced.


You are right. Everything after I joined the chain is syncing.

But everything before, is not.

In other words, I don’t have access to anything I’ve used for the last 15 years.
It is ridiculous, because on Android there is no other option to import history.
It literally means that you always start fresh, without any possibility to acces your historical data, even typed urls.

This is a serious issue because on every other browser you can have such data easily on all your devices.

This makes Brave pretty useless. Sorry to say, but thats the case.
If you are a 8 years old child then maybe you can start fresh, but if you are adult then I can guarantee you that there is something you would like to move with you to Brave.

So you are telling me that there is no way to have my 15 years history on android?

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Just to make sure we are on the same page here, when we say History, we are referring to the entries of sites that have been visited in the browser. History can be viewed by going to Settings --> History, or by typing brave://history/ into the address bar.

With that in mind, History in Brave and most other Chromium-based browsers is only saved for the past 90-days. So you do not have 15 years of history in Brave or any other Chromium based browser (other browser may offer to keep history entries for longer but certainly not for 15 years).

If it were to Sync all your past history entries, you’d still only have the last ~3 months of data imported. And again, you will find this to be the case for most other browsers as well.

Slight update:
My response got me curious so I went ahead and checked and while I was correct about Chromium-based browsers, it appears to Firefox does allow you to keep all your history if you desire to (although I do not think this is the default behavior). That said, there is still an upper limit of 60 days worth of History when History is synced in Firefox.

Not for Firefox. It sync everything without any problem. For 15 years. But it is not chromium based.

Even if this is 90 days for Chromium browsers then for brave it is still 0. Nothing from the past was synced. Why?

And now main question, why Brave is not willing to have a distinguisher here? Why not to be a purple cow?
Why not to create a solution that goes beyond this 90 days cap?

Really, 90 days of history is ridiculous. What type of sick bastard thought that it is sufficient for anyone?