Sync V2 History Not Syncing

I find the bookmarks are syncing perfectly even when I tested it out by editing folders and bookmarks and moving folders and bookmarks around. However the history of other devices are not fully showing up on other devices. I am using the latest stable version on Linux and Android.

This had confused me too in the past, but the default behavior, based on Chromium, is that history sync is intentionally limited not to include everything. It will only sync typed URLs (FAQ here says more:


The dropdown arrows in that link you sent me are not working on Brave Linux.

EDIT: The dropdown arrows do not work in Firefox also.

The reason the accordion menu doesn’t work is likely because you’re blocking scripts. After reading this, I went in and made an alternative display for when scripts are blocked in the browser. You should now be able to read the article in plaintext on the site. Let me know if it is working for you.

It still does not work on Brave for Firefox

Are you blocking scripts on the page or no? Do Shields up/down make a difference?

I see this working in all browsers and all OS (including mobile)-- drop down arrows expand to reveal content and, if scripts are blocked, content is presented in plaintext format on the page.

I tried with the shields down or up. I am not blocking any scripts. It does not work on Firefox either

I figured it out now. It was my VPN causing issues.

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