Hi I cannot complete loading on iCloud again


Hi I am having trouble again completing the load of iCloud .
url : https://www.icloud.com/

This happened last August but one day about a week later it just worked!
So it’s happening again now after 3 days of trying on Brave (disabling shields no good)
It works on another browser but I’m not happy with Firefox.
Tried opening on a private tab with Tor and that wont load either.
Message I get is: Connection Error while trying to connect to the server.

Also coincidentally during this my Apple Mail collects mail but will not send any more.

Any suggestions?


@Faungreen, apologies for the late response.
Give me a bit to test on my end and I’ll let you know what I find. In the meantime, would you mind editing your post to reflect the Posting Guidelines and use/fill out the Template? Would help support move more efficiently.
Thank you.


Loading iCloud does not complete (Edited using community guidelines)
url : https://www.icloud.com/
Issue present with default Shields settings and without
ie: site does not function
Site loads and functions with Firefox

|OS Release|15.6.0|
|Update Channel|Release|
|OS Architecture|x64|
|OS Platform|macOS|
|Tor| (git-da95b91355248ad8)|
|Brave Sync|v1.4.2|


@Faungreen, thank you for editing. Really appreciate that.
So a couple things here.

The first thing I would do would be to update to the latest release.
You are currently using the Muon Brave build (v0.25.2). We have since deprecated Brave Muon in favor of this:

I highly recommend you install the new build and enjoy a much better browsing experience.
It runs in parallel with the Muon version you have installed now, so you don’t have to uninstall or overwrite anything and you can even import data from your previous Brave install into the new build.

If you decide you’d like to stick with the version you’re using now and want to resolve the problem, let me know and we can continue further troubleshooting for the Muon build.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.