Web site won’t load

https://my.goabode.com/#/login Doesn’t load on iOS even with shields down, loads fine in other browsers.

Just tested on my iphone 6 plus, seems to load fine. Just had issues if you enable script blocking or fingerprint protection. Clear the cache and ensure you have those 2 settings not enabled.

Interesting. I turned off all shields off (the top toggle). And it didn’t work. But if I tryned all of them on and manually turned off fingerprinting, you are right it loads.

  1. Is this how things are supposed to work? It seems unintuitive.
  2. Is there a good explanation somewhere about how brave’s fingerprinting protection works and why a site might fail like this?


I believe the fingerprinting is applied against both 1st and 3rd-party items, which can cause false positives. (Ideally it should be 3rd-party only, our ios devs are aware of this).


When I turned off Shields shouldn’t that have deactivated fingerprint checking too?

Correct, turning off shields will turn off everything. When I debug an issue, I’ll selectively turn off various shield options to discover that the issue is, but disabling shields outright isn’t a great idea for security.

I agree that turning everything off increases risk somewhat but that is besides the point. Turning off Shields didn’t allow me to get to the page.

It seems that maybe this was a caching issue because now it works. I still don’t know why the caching would be different based on which switch is changed, though.

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