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First visit to lands on a spinning wheel. Allowing all cookies for the site will fix this and land on a login page.

However, I discovered that if I later flip the cookies setting under shields back to 3rd-party cookies blocked that it breaks the site and I’m stuck with the following cookies need to be enabled no matter if I reenable them or turn shields off (a little fuzzy on the steps, but I may have also turned shields off and on after that):

I have tried Site settings > Clear data doesn’t help and no matter what I try, I seem to be stuck on the iCloud requires cookies page, even if I bring the shields down. I also tried clearing all browser data, but no go.

I have had to uninstall and reinstall Brave to get around this, but I fear that this symptom will reoccur on other sites as well.

It would be great is this didn’t happen, but in the event it does, is there a way that I can truly reset the site to get back in? The workaround is to use a Guest Window. Even a Private Window is hosed when trying to reach after the above happens.



Thanks for reaching out and for the thorough report.
Definitely seems like a caching issue – in which case yes, there’s a way to reset this. Next time this happens, here’s what I would recommend doing:

  1. Visit [site] and click the “lock” icon on the left side of the address bar
  2. Click Site Settings
  3. Click Reset Permissions
  4. Click Clear Site Data
  5. Click the back arrow on the top-left, you should now be on the All sites page.
  6. Use the search box and run a search for [site] – just in case there’s anything lingering and remove this data as well when/if found.
  7. Relaunch Brave, visit/authenticate into [site].

If this does not work, you may want to try clearing all your browsing data.
You can clear any/all your data by going to Menu --> History --> Clear Browsing Data – ensure that the Cookies and Site Data box is checked.

Let me know if any of the above is unclear.

Thanks for your reply, but as I mentioned above (sorry if I wasn’t clear) I tried that and it didn’t work. However, I did your step 4 before 3 (3 isn’t an option after 4 as the site is gone). Maybe that’s the difference.

The way that I got it to work was to clear everything on Exit, but had the joy of resetting my prefs. for certain sites.

I will keep your steps in mind and in this order.


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