Hey suddenly my uphold account is restricted

Hey suddenly my uphold account is restricted and they are not giving the reason for this and i have my whole life BAT in uphold account only
They are saying there is no funds in the wallet
But see i have BAT in my account

Plz brave community plz help me in this
I don’t know what happened.
Plzz help me to atleast withdraw to any other external wallet.

@steeven @Mattches

Seems like it’s from Uphold, not Brave.
Did you tap the “under review” notification?

Don’t worry.
I’ve gone through that phase.
It usually happens when suspicious activity is detected on your account. It’ll be restored in 1-2 days

Yes it is showing receive trade and deposits are enabled and other things are disabled like
Withdraw and send feature.

No bro i got a mail that they will no longer provide you account :sob: and also even though i have funds in my account they are saying this

Even though i have done done any fraud thing.
I buyed the crypto with my credit card on uphold and then I moved the crypto to wazirx for INR withdrawal that’s it…and i done this after confirming from the customer support only.

I thought If anyone of brave admin can have contact with the uphold and help me in this

@steeven @Mattches

What did u do bro…did u also got the same mail as i got?

I did 2 step verification multiple times. That’s why.
Which crypto did you transfer to wazirX?

I bought xrp and then moved to wazirx but i made 4 5 transaction like this…

U also got the same email? Like me

Seems to me like that could be a problem, might be seen as fraudulently evading cash advance fees from the credit issuer. Especially if the transfer / withdrawal is as soon as possible after the purchase.

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No I asked it with the customer chat about this and then they said I can do that and daily limit is 500usd, then only I placed the order…
And i pay my credit bill on time nothing late…

No, not like that one.
You really should get in touch with uphold and maybe redo your verification.

But how this is a fraudulent…
But i didn’t sent the coin immediately to external wallet.

They are only giving me the same email reply again and again …very much disturbed and disappointed now :sob::sob:

I explained everything and also given a proper explanation with the screenshot of transfer but still they are giving the same reply

What can be done in this situation do u have any idea …because they are not telling the reason

Did u mail them about ur explanation??

Nobody here can help you with that.

Sounds like Uphold is saying you did something illegal or, at the very least, that you broke their terms. Not sure what might have happened where you were seen as committing fraud, but they are showing you can’t be refunded any money you had and any money you had from other sources will be returned to them. (Not sure if to your accounts on those places or if they just mean it’s literally being returned to the people/businesses)

Negative, they don’t get involved with policies or procedures relating to Uphold. The only thing Brave focuses on are things relating to issues regarding anything directly related to Brave.

Honestly, this is incredibly suspicious. For example, it’s showing you received 1,423 BAT from Brave Rewards. Receiving that amount of BAT is really unusual for anyone, especially if you assume it’s only from Brave Rewards. If it was from multiple devices, it would have appeared in multiple transactions. So one HUGE transaction like that is REALLY weird.

I don’t know anything about all of that, so completely lost on trying to say anything.

No bro it’s not in a single transaction , i am using brave and uphold from almost starting phase.
It was collected in diffrence card that’s why i merged it into single card created BAT…
And that brave reward is card name
U can see the trade date also…
I am using it almost since 2019 and never faced any issue from brave or uphold…
But suddenly this happens yesterday

the last screen shot you’ve posted shows your name. Not the best idea on a public forum.