Got back Uphold account - Can't transfer funds, can only do it to USD Account

Uphold recently blocked us out of our own accounts … I just put a support ticket and got my account back.

For now … I dunno what all unexpected terms await in the future.

But there’s a caveat, right now you can’t withdraw funds into your local country account such as India

You will need to have a USD Account to withdraw or deposit funds into the Uphold account.

Just keep doing what you’re doing … practically these cryptos can’t be used


I kept screaming to people that Uphold is a scam. They kept asking me to provide evidence. They never listened. Dont get me wrong, Brave is legit. They arent scammers. Its Uphold that is. Theyre butthurt that theres new alternatives coming as exchanges against their own crappy platform.


@MainframeSupertasker Yo dude there’s an update

I put in a support ticket and now My account is back

The sad part is that I still can’t withdraw them to a bank account as it only needs to be a US Dollar Bank account.

2 days ago, they ban me permanently without any reason

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@MeowMan88 thats usual. They return accounts when appealed. Their dumb tech is the problem. However, this kind of crappy management is sketchy.

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yes their third class AI system. They banned me without any reason

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Yeah pretty skeptical indeed :face_with_monocle:

It would be preferable to transfer any cryptocurrency you possess to cold storage or a trustworthy exchange, as Uphold blocks accounts without prior notice.


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