My Uphold Account is Restricted

Few days ago i have tried multiple times to verify my id in Uphold. Verfication failed and account is restricted since a month now. My friend recentyly sent me some BAT and i am not able to withdraw it due to pending verification. Now I am not even able to verify my account. I have tried contacting Uphold support but no use.
Someone please help me in the issue.

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Can you please tell me what region you’re located in?

@Mattches I am from India

Are you using a VPN connection of any kind?

No I am not using VPN

@Mattches No Iam not using VPN

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

Can you please help me with my uphold account as well, I am facing the same issue. My account has been restricted for a month and I have contacted uphold support 15+ times and even went to the extent of messaging Upholds CEO on LinkedIn. I have not received any response back. /:

@Mattches I am from India

@Mattches I sent a DM with the requested info
Please check

@Mattches please look into the issue sir

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