Uphold account suspended for no reason. HELP!

All of a sudden a few days ago, I received an email that I will no longer be able to access my uphold wallet. I replied them that this must be a mistake as I did a single transaction that too a month ago of 11$. They replied me back saying they can’t do anything about it. They fail to provide a reason and are ghosting me since 3 days. This is all I did with my uphold account-

I downloaded Brave two months ago. Got to know that you have to create an uphold account to withdraw funds. I created one, verified it. Set it up on 3 laptops. Got my 47 BAT (11$) for the month in total. Withdrew it. I live in India so there was no way of withdrawing using bank acc. So I sent the 47 BAT to my XRP wallet . XRP because of its low transaction fees. I did mess up the destination tag, and my funds didn’t reach in my wallet. So I contacted Uphold. They told me to ask the receiving end. I did and thankfully they were able to recover my funds in my account. (This happened a month ago).

This is really pathetic! I did nothing. Please help me get my wallet back as that is the only way of withdrawing funds from brave.

Edit- My uphold account is now unblocked, all thanks to @Mattches. Uphold might block your account mistakenly. But If you ONLY use uphold to withdraw Brave funds, contact the brave support and they will help you out :slight_smile:

This appears to be an issue with Uphold rather than one with Brave. I’d strongly suggest contacting Uphold support and communicating with them, as we have no power over the status of your Uphold account.

@Mattches Can you refer someone directly from Uphold?

Can you send me a DM with the email you use to login to your Uphold account? I’ve reached out to a couple Uphold contacts to see if we can get this sorted, but we’ll need that information before we can start

@Mattches Just messaged you the email id

Thank you – I’ve passed your information on to our Uphold contacts.

My uphold account is unblocked!!! Thanks @Mattches for your help. You are the best!!


Hello @Mattches , I still have not received my BAT on my uphold account can you help me please. :sleepy:

Thank you very much

Please open your own issue with the necessary details.

You’re very welcome – glad we could help this time :slight_smile:

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