Help me @Brave community!

I have a serious problem, I have two devices on of my laptop is not working in which I have 3 bats. I do not have any wallet verified because I earned them in 17 days and the payment is is 12/8 Sep for the month earnings. I do not know how to retrieve my progress Please tell me. My laptop(in which there is all my progress) is not switching on and as it switches on, within 1 or 2 minutes it shuts down automatically. I do not have anything in my brave wallet because I started using Brave 3 august this year. Please sort it out asap

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If your laptop is quite old, remove the battery, plug it in, turn it on and see if it holds.

It is a lenovo ideapad s145k, in which battery cannot be removed. your words are not an answer for me, it not even how to repair my laptop. But thanks! for your attention

Unfortunately, there is no viable way to get back your 3 BAT which is in the laptop since your laptop (as you say) is not in a working condition anymore. Since you don’t have your Uphold account connected to your laptop’s brave browser neither of the BAT will be available in your uphold wallet.

You either need a new laptop or go to the Lenovo Service Center and let them fix/renew the battery.

I am not a Brave Helper/Tech Helper, so that’s your only option to do.

That’s a good idea but, I have already given to laptop in the lenovo store for repairment. My actual question is how can I transfer my “brave rewards” which are not in my brave wallet and I was going to get on 12 September.

If you have another laptop and want to transfer the BATs (Brave Rewards Tokens), then, honestly, I think if you log into your account it will show the BATs, if the BATs do not show up, then there is no way to transfer, you can also try syncing your data, but if that also does not work, there is no way to transfer the BATs. The only way to transfer is when the Brave Team releases new updates so all of us could transfer our BATs/Rewards.

But I don’t know how to log in. Please tell me the web site where to sign in also.

Search on the web “How to log into my account on the Brave Browser?”, as I think I know where to log in, but I am currently using Firefox.

Thanks @Kristian, for reviewing and giving me solutions but now I don’t need them now. My laptop is now fixed and I am typing the reply from the laptop only. Thanks for giving me your precious time.

BTW if you know where to login please tell.

Oops, at the moment, you cannot log in your account on Brave, I have seen that it will “never” come, but it might come in the future, who knows.

Yes I know it now Thanks! @Kristian.

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