Moving brave from one pc to another

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I have some BAT’s whch i transferred from one machine to another when i was issued a new work laptop. At the time all looked ok and i could see it on new machine. In that time i verified my wallet and BAT reset to 0.
I looked around on this community and the advice was it will eventually appear but to date nothing has.
I am looking in brave://rewards-internals/ under promotions tab, i can see all id’s and the BAT’s there but have no idea why they never transferred to my wallet
I have checked my Uphold account and nothing there either and it has been months now since i verified my account.

Is there anything that can be done or just accept the loss?

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? Windows 10 - 1.61.109

Who is your verified custodian? Uphold

Are you in a supported region? UK

As an update, under Brave Rewards i am getting a statement going as far back as to when i started using Brave detailing earnings.

Hello! It sounds like you may be describing previous vBAT. The deadline to connect vBAT ended on November 2nd. vBAT is longer considered valid, and will be removed from the Brave Rewards experience. This means that even if you’re on an old version of Brave that still shows a vBAT balance, that vBAT can no longer be redeemed after the deadline.

However, if you feel theres a mistake, please submit your concern below and we’d be happy to investigate.


Hi @Evan123 The issue of balance going to 0 and thinking the BATs were awaiting to be transferred. happened in first quarter of 2023.

Was the deadline November 2022 or November 2023? if latter as I’ve left it so long is it worth raising a ticket?

We can certainly take a look and provide remediation if eligible. Thanks!

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